Hi, my name is Matt Trzcinski – software engineer and former statistician. Aside from programming, you might find me playing guitar or tending the garden with my girlfriend.

I believe, as Tom DeMarco writes in Peopleware, that the success of the individual is tied irrevocably to the success of the whole. I'm happiest when I'm helping others. I began my career in math education and did analysis work after receiving my Master's. Yet what interests me most is the design and application of software. An analyst produces insights when given data; an engineer creates the systems which collect and transform that data. I enjoy making systems that work for end-users.

Picture of Matt looking like a farmer (he's not).

I've produced both proprietary and free (libre) software. Works not restricted by intellectual property agreements are found on GitHub, including the program that makes this website. I'm happy, and able, to talk with you about any of the projects I've worked on.

Please get in touch and thanks for stopping by!

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